Santa Fe Trail Association

Sibley Expedition

The Survey and Maps of the
Sibley Expedition, 1825, 1826 & 1827


L. Stephen (Steve) Schmidt
Richard E. (Rich) Hayden


    This study was funded by the Santa Fe Trail Association.

    All rights reserved by the Santa Fe trail Association.

    August 2011 (Rev. 1)




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  • Introduction
  • Overview of the Expedition
  • Some Comments and Observations
    • The Field Book
    • What was Surveyed
    • Field Book Map
  • Joseph C. Brown, Surveyor
  • How They Did It
  • Where Did They Start?
  • How Accurate Were They?
  • Small Scale Map
  • Present Study
    • Preliminary Work
    • Initial Methodology
    • Adopted Methodology
  • Discussion of Plots of the Survey
  • Conclusion



  • Appendix A – Text of Field Book
  • Appendix B – Brown’s Letter to Sibley Dated October 13, 1827.
  • Appendix C – Text of 1” = 20 mile Map
  • Appendix D – Compilation of Survey Data from Various Sources




Notes and References

Supplemental Information

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